E020 Brian Gaudio

Today on Design:interviewed is a kind of extension of last month’s PKN coverage, where Brian Gaudio gave a presentation of his own.

Brian Gaudio covers a lot of firsts for me on the show. For instance, he’s the first Imagineer I’ve ever talked to. Here are some images from their competition winning entry for a Disney experience on the moon.

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He’s also the first Fulbright scholar I’ve had on the show. He traveled to the Dominican Republic as part of that scholarship.

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He also founded a non-profit called Que lo Que, working in the Dominican Republic.

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Taking a close look at housing in the Dominican Republic instilled an interest in housing as a need, one that’s “bigger than architecture”. This interest has fueled his travel grant and documentary, where he looked at informal settlements (such as favelas) in South America. Specifically, he explored Lima, Rio, Sao Paulo, Santiago and Bogota to document this turning point, as mother cities turn to embrace their surrounding informal settlements.

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“Designing for the other 98%”, as he puts it, refers to the share of buildings that are built without an architect. Figuring out a way to serve these people who wouldn’t think of involving an architect has led him to found his startup, Module. Module intends to offer a house that grows with its occupant and are working towards a prototype within the year. His elevator pitch for Module recently won the 2016 MIT Enterprise Forum Pitchfest.

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