E026 LIVE! Storey Telling v.05

This is the live and lightly cut audio from the fifth Storey Telling event, part of Design Pittsburgh 2017.

There are four others you can listen to, too.


If you’ve listened to them already, you know how it works: I bring a few architects (and other designers) together to share stories on a theme. This time the theme was built around Design Pittsburgh’s theme this year: Design With Purpose. The AIA will be working with these theme all year long, so I wanted to kick things off with people talking about searching for that purpose. Our amazing presenters for this time were Natalie Stewart, Michelle Fanzo, Marc Mondor, AIA, and John Folan, AIA.

ST05 Crowd

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and helped put together this event, in particular: the amazing AIA Staff who also put together the exhibit you see in the photo.

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