E027 LIVE! Storey Telling v.06

This is the live and lightly cut audio from the sixth Storey Telling event, themed around ideas of April Fool’s.

There are five others you can listen to, too. There are even a few where my mic wasn’t peaked the whole time.

Storey Telling_v06_logo

If you’ve listened to them already, you know how it works: I bring a few architects (and other designers) together to share stories on a theme. This event was scheduled for early April, so we have stories about April Fool’s. Our amazing presenters for this time were Drew Brisley, Katie Walsh, and Jonathan Lusin, AIA.

Katie shared some images from the project that was the focus of her story. You can click through the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and helped put together this event, most of all IKM for lending us their amazing office space (with a nap couch), and also AIA Pittsburgh and the Young Architects Forum.


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