E027 LIVE! Storey Telling v.06

This is the live and lightly cut audio from the sixth Storey Telling event, themed around ideas of April Fool’s.

There are five others you can listen to, too. There are even a few where my mic wasn’t peaked the whole time.

Storey Telling_v06_logo

If you’ve listened to them already, you know how it works: I bring a few architects (and other designers) together to share stories on a theme. This event was scheduled for early April, so we have stories about April Fool’s. Our amazing presenters for this time were Drew Brisley, Katie Walsh, and Jonathan Lusin, AIA.

Katie shared some images from the project that was the focus of her story. You can click through the slideshow below.

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Thanks so much to everyone who participated and helped put together this event, most of all IKM for lending us their amazing office space (with a nap couch), and also AIA Pittsburgh and the Young Architects Forum.


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E023.2 PKN Pittsburgh vol. 25 – Nina Chase

This is the second interview featuring presenters for Pittsburgh’s 25th Pecha Kucha Night. This one features Nina Chase.

Before we get going, check out the Facebook page for PechaKucha Night Pittsburgh for details about the event. For newcomers to the format, the AIGA YouTube Channel has videos of past events.

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Nina Chase is a transplanted West Virginian, in Pittsburgh by way of Boston, where she was an associate at Sasaki Associates.


Image from Sasaki Associates

She’s Senior Project Manager at Riverlife Pittsburgh now, seeing through things like that plan for the Strip District.


Image from Riverlife Pittsburgh

She’s talking about urban prototyping. Think things like Open Streets Pittsburgh [link will play music].

Here’s a picture of the tackle box game we played.


And here’s a picture of a least weasel.


Visit her website, chuckle at the Bruce Springsteen reference, and come see her presentation at PKN on October 6.

E022 Nick Doichev

Today on the show we have Nick Doichev of DLA+ Architecture and Interior Design.

He grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria. Check out last week’s preview episode for more about the city.


Gehry and Eisenmann, architectural inspiration.



W.B. Yeats, poetic inspiration.


The Energy Innovation Center, 2015 design award winner, on the DLA+ website.


Thanks again to Nick for talking to me.

There are a bunch of events coming up. Come see me at any or all of them.

There’s the Gallery Crawl on September 23.

There’s Pecha Kucha Night on October 6. Say you’re coming on Facebook.

There’s Storey Telling on October 20.

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P022 Design:previewed with Nick Doichev

Here’s a preview of my chat with Nick Doichev, principal at DLA+, which is due out next week. Everything in this preview is brand new and won’t be heard again on the full episode, it’s just stuff that I wanted you to hear but didn’t fit in the full hour. Enjoy!

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E021 Stak Ceramics – Myles and Heather Geyman

Today on the show we have Myles and Heather Geyman, who together make up Stak Ceramics.

Stak focuses on functional pieces. They have a great line of functional pieces for your desk and kitchen right now.

They were kind enough to give me a tour of their studio and talk a little bit about their process.


They use wood to help create the molds that they use for their production process. Here’s a sneak preview of their new product, the plant hanger.


During the firing process, a piece actually shrinks. Here’s the same piece at different stages of the process, having been fired multiple times.


Check out their website for the rest of the line.

Follow them on Instagram for more great photos.

But most of all, see them at Three Rivers Arts Festival 2016, for five days starting Friday, June 3. They’re at booth A-16.

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E020 Brian Gaudio

Today on Design:interviewed is a kind of extension of last month’s PKN coverage, where Brian Gaudio gave a presentation of his own.

Brian Gaudio covers a lot of firsts for me on the show. For instance, he’s the first Imagineer I’ve ever talked to. Here are some images from their competition winning entry for a Disney experience on the moon.

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He’s also the first Fulbright scholar I’ve had on the show. He traveled to the Dominican Republic as part of that scholarship.

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He also founded a non-profit called Que lo Que, working in the Dominican Republic.

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Taking a close look at housing in the Dominican Republic instilled an interest in housing as a need, one that’s “bigger than architecture”. This interest has fueled his travel grant and documentary, where he looked at informal settlements (such as favelas) in South America. Specifically, he explored Lima, Rio, Sao Paulo, Santiago and Bogota to document this turning point, as mother cities turn to embrace their surrounding informal settlements.

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“Designing for the other 98%”, as he puts it, refers to the share of buildings that are built without an architect. Figuring out a way to serve these people who wouldn’t think of involving an architect has led him to found his startup, Module. Module intends to offer a house that grows with its occupant and are working towards a prototype within the year. His elevator pitch for Module recently won the 2016 MIT Enterprise Forum Pitchfest.

Like Module on Facebook here.

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E019.1 PKN Pittsburgh vol. 23 – Francis Crisafio

This is the first interview featuring presenters for PKN Pittsburgh vol. 23. It’s with local artist Francis Crisafio.

Before we get going, check out the Facebook page for PechaKucha Night Pittsburgh for details about the event. For newcomers to the format, the AIGA YouTube Channel has videos of past events.

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Francis Crisafio was born and raised in Lawrenceville, where his father was a barber for 80 years. His father, recently deceased, is the subject of Samsons Hair Repaired, a way of looking at him, his neighborhood, and his longtime clientele.



His PKN presentation will focus on another project, Holdup in the Hood, where children on Pittsburgh’s North Side create self-portraits. The larger body of work that incorporates drawings, re-cycled photographs, print media and body gesture to explore issues of race, class and gender.


Images from the project have been exhibited since 2006, and most recently the project was a finalist for a 2015 LensCulture Exposure Award. It will be exhibited in London beginning in May 2016, and Francis also hopes to publish a book on the project in the near future.


Keep an eye out for that.

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