E024 LIVE! Storey Telling v.03

This is the live and lightly cut audio from the third Storey Telling event, part of Design Pittsburgh 2016.

There are two others you can listen to, too.

If you’ve listened to them already, you know how it works: four architects come together to share stories on a theme. This time the theme was Scary Stories for Halloween. Our amazing presenters for this time were Bea Spolidoro, Quintin Kittle, Anne Swager, and Rob Pfaffmann.


Unfortunately, we had to lose some of Quintin’s talk due to the slideshow not making very good radio. We’ll just have to have him back again.

Rob Pfaffmann had a vision plan for saving the Civic Arena, find out more on his website.

You can find out more about the August Wilson house here.

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