E019.1 PKN Pittsburgh vol. 23 – Francis Crisafio

This is the first interview featuring presenters for PKN Pittsburgh vol. 23. It’s with local artist Francis Crisafio.

Before we get going, check out the Facebook page for PechaKucha Night Pittsburgh for details about the event. For newcomers to the format, the AIGA YouTube Channel has videos of past events.

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Francis Crisafio was born and raised in Lawrenceville, where his father was a barber for 80 years. His father, recently deceased, is the subject of Samsons Hair Repaired, a way of looking at him, his neighborhood, and his longtime clientele.



His PKN presentation will focus on another project, Holdup in the Hood, where children on Pittsburgh’s North Side create self-portraits. The larger body of work that incorporates drawings, re-cycled photographs, print media and body gesture to explore issues of race, class and gender.


Images from the project have been exhibited since 2006, and most recently the project was a finalist for a 2015 LensCulture Exposure Award. It will be exhibited in London beginning in May 2016, and Francis also hopes to publish a book on the project in the near future.


Keep an eye out for that.

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S03E02.3 PKN Pittsburgh vol. 20 – Maranie Rae Staab

This is the third of three interviews for Pecha Kucha Night Pittsburgh, vol. 20. It’s with photographer Maranie Rae Staab.

Before we get going, check out the Facebook page for PechaKucha Night Pittsburgh for details about the event.

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Maranie Rae is a photojournalist and has been documenting social issues with her camera for the past few years. Here’s a small selection of photos from her website.

Women of Uganda

Children of Uganda

A Ugandan Wedding


Click any of those and find more at maranierae.com.

Contact her on any of these:


Maranie has several social issues that she is working to raise awareness on including acid attacks on women [graphic image warning] and human trafficking. She is involved with a Pittsburgh-based NGO called “The Project to End Human Trafficking”. Visit their website to find out how you can help.

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*Updated on 4/3/2016 to include video of PKN v20.

S02E06 Kahmeela Adams Friedson and the 48 Hour Film Project

Today we hear from Kahmeela Adams Friedson about her work with the 48 Hour Film Project. We also chat with a participant in the project, Andrew Wolf.

Andrew and I go way back. See his entry for the Pittsburgh 2014 48 Hour Film Project here, called Stiff: A Living Statue’s Tale:

He is participating in the horror film project with Cipher Eye Media. Their entry is called Begin the Sanguine and will be screened on October 25. Details below.

Kahmeela is a busy woman. Keep up with her at her website, Rugged Angel, and follow her on Twitter @The_RuggedAngel.

In addition to running the Pittsburgh chapter of the 48 Hour Film Project, she has a day job at MCG Jazz.

And she’s promoting the science fiction movie Coherence:

Like I said. Busy woman.

Here’s the details for the screening of the horror films:

Sat Oct 25 6pm to 10pm
18 short horror films all made in 48 hours.
The Hollywood Theater $10 or 2 for $15
Complimentary beverages provided by Clique Vodka


Here’s the short film that we mentioned in the show, it should whet your appetite for Saturday:

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S02E02 PKN Pittsburgh vol. 17 Presenters

UPDATED: 6/3/2014 with video

Today’s podcast is a special episode, featuring five of the presenters for Pecha Kucha Night Pittsburgh, vol. 17.

If you count the full hour I did with Eric Fisher last year that means over half of the presenters have been on the show.

PKN vol 17 is this Thursday, April 3, 2014 at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Melwood Screening Room. Admission is $15 for AIA/AIGA members, $20 for non-members and includes drinks and snacks. Doors open at 7:20, don’t miss it! More details can be found at AIA Pittsburgh’s website, or like the page on Facebook.

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Christine Holtz is a photographer teaching at Robert Morris University.

An example of one of her interior landscapes:

For more information about Allegheny CleanWays, visit their website. [http://www.alleghenycleanways.org/programs]

Corey Escoto is an artist currently exploring photography and sculpture. He teaches at Chatham University.

Examples of the photographs he has made using the technique he discusses on the show as well as other works can be found on his website. [http://www.coreyescoto.com/#]

Casey Droege is an artist who teaches several courses at the Art Institute and Carnegie Mellon University. She also organizes several events for artists in the city of Pittsburgh.

SIX x ATE is a dinner and lecture series which you may have to travel to be a part of this year.

Shares of CSA PGH are available now. [http://www.csapgh.com/]

You can see more of her work at her website. [http://www.caseywhat.com/]

Anne Jackson is an information designer who took the long road to becoming involved with creating a poster exhibition with the AIGA.

The poster exhibition needs funding! Check out the Beyond Borders page at the AIGA website for updates about how you can help. [http://www.aiga.org/beyond-borders/]

You could be a part of bringing posters like this to the United States, maybe even to Pittsburgh:

Follow her on Twitter, @annedesigns.

Blaine Siegel is an artist currently exploring “volume, breath and impermanence” in his work, which currently includes sculpture, video and set design.

Go see Dream Body at 709 Penn Avenue.

Buy a share of CSA PGH.

And go see The Ubiquitous Mass of Us at the New Hazlett Theater:

And why not visit his website as well. [http://blainesiegel.com/home.html]