S03E02.3 PKN Pittsburgh vol. 20 – Maranie Rae Staab

This is the third of three interviews for Pecha Kucha Night Pittsburgh, vol. 20. It’s with photographer Maranie Rae Staab.

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Maranie Rae is a photojournalist and has been documenting social issues with her camera for the past few years. Here’s a small selection of photos from her website.

Women of Uganda

Children of Uganda

A Ugandan Wedding


Click any of those and find more at maranierae.com.

Contact her on any of these:


Maranie has several social issues that she is working to raise awareness on including acid attacks on women [graphic image warning] and human trafficking. She is involved with a Pittsburgh-based NGO called “The Project to End Human Trafficking”. Visit their website to find out how you can help.

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*Updated on 4/3/2016 to include video of PKN v20.